Galactic Ambassador to the Pleiadians

“The journey of oneness is not traveled alone.”

The Pleiadians

Awaken your divinity

Pleiadian Portal is much like a modern-day mystery school. This multidimensional stargate will allow you to encounter a profound experience of self-discovery and enlightenment through your own higher self. Within this relationship, you and the universe will become one in Unity Consciousness.

You will go through the many stages of the butterfly as you transform, release, and spread your wings. Changing even in the smallest way will impact the universe on a much grander scale.

“Are you ready to step beyond duality and linear time to live out your life in harmony? Are you ready to awaken to your divine soul and path? The new earth is coming, and it is time to step forward and take your place in this evolution. No one will be left behind.”

Sananda Kryst

I am here for you. To guide you, to lead you, and to inspire you to be who you have been waiting for all along. You came here to do tremendous soul work and live your life to its fullest potential.

What Sananda's Clients Are Saying

I met Krystal Star on a trip to Egypt in 2017. She is a beautiful and loving being who works with the highest integrity and honesty. My session was amazing! I was able to directly ask and receive profound information for my path going forward. I have begun my own business in service to awakening Star Seeds, and with the new Earth frequencies coming in, I had a lot of questions as to how to move forward and remain in integrity with the fast pace of change. I was given extremely detailed advice and was also given time to absorb that information and be able to ask for deeper information. Krystal Star has a clear connection to the Pleiadian Star Beings, who are working with her. The guidance was full of love and support for me and for all of us. I would highly recommend a session.

United Kingdom

What Sananda's Clients Are Saying

“I am grateful for the co-creation of a truly magical session with sister Sananda!  She held a safe space with an open heart and mind and is a wonderful channel of gentle and powerful energies.  Embodying the way forward, the heart-led way, hers is the way of the new earth: empowered, authentic being-ness. Sananda is truly a portal for higher energies and the remembering of unconditional love.  Her light language activates on a cellular level in a way that integrates beautifully and gracefully for days to come.  She offers support for self-healers who have deep-dived and would like to meet themselves with even greater compassion.  As a catalyst and facilitator, myself, there are only a few people I have met in this world that I trust to hold such deep, loving space.  I feel blessed to receive a session from her and hope more people can experience meeting all of themselves with such love and wholeness.”


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