A Day with Sananda

“Beloved Starlight, it is within the experience that the greater knowledge you seek comes forth. Step aside from the human ego-mind into unlimited consciousness. By being in my personal space, another activation level coincides. My high-frequency crystalline plasma energy field surrounds your etheric and physical body, creating transformation and reality shifts with innate knowledge for your journey. You will begin to see how to navigate the paths that dreams are made of and bring them into your reality, living in the lifestream of matching vibrational abundance. This quantum shift will be received and transcended through time, space, and your multidimensional realities.”

Sananda Kryst

Introduction Video

You were directed here because you are looking to reconnect and be alive with a greater self-expression of yourself. You are looking for a shift in reality and a new perspective so you may live an authentic, conscious life. You are also looking for more time to indulge in self-love.

Divine, Creator, Source has asked Sananda to create a space where there is no structure, program, or outline. So, you will be a part of the experience with no expectations, only unlimited possibilities. This is the new way of our reality. We are to live and be in the present moment as an ascended master and reside within the frequency of Christ Consciousness in this new Earth reality. It is about setting new precedents.

Being a Wayshower is a way of living. It is a journey. One that is unique, heartfelt, and speaks to your soul. One where you will match your desires with your manifestations—a beautiful balance of consciously moving throughout your day with ease and grace and the universal energy to live authentically. You are a leader of your life and a wayshower for others to witness and follow on their own.

You will realize that time is an illusion as you move through your day and make conscious choices that affect your reality. It is about saying yes to the journey, and when you try to put it aside, the pull becomes stronger. This is your soul calling.

The Day

Along your awakening path, you will come across Master teachers here to show you the way, and Sananda is one of them.
You will be held within Sananda’s multidimensional field as she facilitates activations, downloads, soul healings, and ancestral clearings of your ethereal being. She will remove patterns and programs to reclaim your Divinity and gifts, along with experiencing the release of density, which may manifest through physical pain…. this is just the beginning.

Everything will be based on your journey and the experience needed with your higher self’s guidance. This experience will be different for everyone as something profound and subliminal will occur just by being in the physical presence of Sananda’s high vibrational energy field.

The day may include hiking or being in nature, crystal shopping, or, as Sananda calls it, “couch time”; to receive what is needed on the spot. A nervous system adjustment or timeline shift may occur as directed by your higher self. Her energy flows organically and will facilitate whatever your higher self requests. Throughout the day, you will also participate in intuitive-based conversations.

This one-day retreat includes a high-vibrational lunch.

Your soul is telling you it is time.

You are here to stand in your power and receivership as you walk courageously in beauty.

For groups of 2 people or more, contact Sananda directly at [email protected]

A Day with Sananda

Praise for A Day with Sananda

“I have had the gift of working with Sananda in multiple in-person healing sessions, and I can summarize my experience in one word: Miraculous. Pain that had been with me so long I thought it was baked into the fibers of my being was released. Her approach is loving, gentle, highly intuitive – and no mistake about it – very, very powerful. In addition to the life changing healing I received, I also received significant insights into the deeply ingrained patterns that had been running me and was able to release those as well.

For anyone who knows to travel and to give yourself this gift, I am happy for you and for the collective, as it means more peace, more freedom, and less suffering in our world.”


Praise for A Day with Sananda

“If you have made your appointment for A Way to Mastery (now A Day with Sananda) or had one with Sananda, it is because your soul was ready for these changes and downloads.

The beautiful and peaceful energy that came during my session was an expression of our soul’s love and appreciation for each other, for we had been contracted before this lifetime to come together for this work at this time.

This was an extra special treat for me because my best friend had gifted me this session, and we had our sessions together as there was some past life energy that needed to be addressed. I also received confirmation and guidance that was given so lovingly. The downloads came in gently and have had such an amazing effect on my body and mind.

I highly recommend these beautiful transmissions for everyone regardless if you feel like you “have to have work done.” If you feel a pull, it’s your soul requesting these divine energies. Plus, she is an amazing soul to be around!!!”

Terri Stanely

Praise for A Day with Sananda

“I am beyond grateful that Sananda was sent to me by Spirit for the deeper work. She is such a beautiful Soul, both inside and out, and the Love that she has comes right out to greet you.

So, when I heard about the “Way to Mastery” (now A Day with Sananda) session, I knew I had to take it. I wasn’t sure where the new energetic Container would take us; however, as always, Sananda assured me that my Higher self would know just what I needed. And, as always, it was beyond my expectations.

One of the things I find most Amazing is it doesn’t take a long time to cover many subjects in your energy fields. We were able to cover so many much-needed subjects.

I was also able to feel and see improvement right away.
Three of my family members said, Wow! you seem much calmer. And you know what? I did feel calmer and lighter right away. They also said, being in your presence made them feel calmer. Another thing I noticed right away was my thinking seemed clearer. I know this is just the beginning of this energetic upgrade and balancing from
“A Way to Mastery.”

I am overjoyed with what I see and feel in such a short time.
Personally, I would strongly encourage everyone who is seriously thinking about improving their Spiritual growth to please contact Sananda at Pleiadian Portal.
I will be forever grateful to Source for arranging for Sananda and I to work together. It truly has been Amazing!!! And don’t let Fear hold you back,
A’ho/Blessings Moving forward
From my heart to yours, Namaste.”

Heddalynn S.

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