Circle of Light

In this in-person group gathering, you will develop unique and qualifying gifts beyond your measure. It is through self-awareness and knowledge that these gifts present themselves. Participating within the heart stream of awareness and soul, knowing you will find your way to paths of enlightenment. You will embrace your higher consciousness for an individual and collective field of change through timeline collapsing, profound healings and activations, creating energetic bonds of golden light with participating light beings who understand the meaning of service starts with self.

Introduction Video

Circle of Light is a one-hour in-person advanced group activation and healing that aligns you to your original divine blueprint in accordance with the great reset on Earth. It is where the organic flow of life moves through each of you, simultaneously creating universal effects beyond measure.

Within each of you, a metamorphosis of change will occur, unlocking individual gifts in resonance with who you are in this lifetime. Transformation is the key to all that comes your way. Once you embark on this path, like stepping onto your ship, you will begin to see the path before you as you bring forth the innate knowledge you carry.

You will create a bond, a cohesive connection within the sacred container that cannot be broken. Within this collective field of change, your light will impact those around you through the unified field. Each person’s experience will be different. It will be a knowing, a sense that you are no longer the person you were.

Sananda Kryst is an ascended master here in the physical. Her high-frequency, sacred containers evoke change in the mental, physical, and spiritual levels of enlightenment. She will energetically point you in the direction of your soul’s path, instilling clarity and raising your vibration.

Upcoming Location

Sacred Spirit Gallery – Suite A7
Hozho Center
431 AZ-179
Sedona, AZ

Parking lot – Highland Rd and State Route 179


January 13th, 2024

Praise for Circle of Light

I was honoured to be a guest at the Circle of Light” event in London last week. Sananda’s presence is profoundly beautiful, the activations, the healing, the energy and the whole experience was quite literally out of this world, a moment that I shall treasure and hold sacred to my heart and my human experience.

I am a healer and have taken part in many courses and events and none of the can even come close to the energy that was felt, experienced, and received with so much gratitude and love!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Karen Marie

Praise for Circle of Light

It’s so hard to put into words an experience that is so far from the 3rd; you want to think about it and pass on the magic and say feel this, and 100% do it:)! It will change your trajectory✨
Sananda is a magical being. I am completely in Awe of her abilities and the container/ portal she held us in; timelines collapsed as I felt my body and the highest timeline weaving through my DNA with so much auric cleansing. I felt like I was floating on a cloud as her magic and the magic of the portal weaved through the space within and around; I felt so light and simultaneously so deeply anchored in the earth.

From the small amount I know this beautiful woman, you can feel her integrity, she is a walking transmission of stepping into your power and purpose, and it’s an honor to be in ceremony with her ✨so deeply grateful to you, Sananda ✨ I look forward to the next portal magic with you. ☺️🤩

Elisha Joy
Perth, Australia

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