“It is with deep gratitude that we come to you today. Witnessing your journey. As you go through your ascension, you will be reminded of a time not so long ago where you thought you were alone, a lonely one in search of a path that you could not describe. The knowing that something was missing, yet it could be found within yourself, within your heart.

Look no further as it is right before you as it has always been, the light, the love. Feeling your heart expanding even as you read this, as truth always comes from the heart. You will begin this journey one step at a time.”

Ascended Masters

Light Star

“Awaken the hidden powers and abilities of your mind and spirit.”

All of us are rapidly changing in the new planetary energies. New gifts and opportunities for expansion are birthing, and the Light Star program has chosen to come forward at this time to help all of us take the next step in our ascension.

The Light Star program is similar to the Pathway to Fulfillment Series but will replace it as Master Sananda, and the planetary energies have expanded to bring powerful new energies, new connections, and new activations to you.

The Light Star program will activate and align you to your Soul’s mission and reestablish your connection with the Divine and your natural gifts. You will be gently immersed within the energies of Ascended Master Sananda, entering an etheric passageway bathed with high-frequency plasma, crystalline energies and going beyond zero point for your enlightenment. Due to the increased energies on the planet and Master Sananda’s expansion, you may experience activations and healings at a much faster pace than ever before.

“This is not for the human mind to comprehend but to be within the energies of metamorphosis.”

This session is for the awakened individual who is ready to move forward and raise vibrational consciousness. You will be aligned to your Divine essence of who you truly are.

What can you expect in a Light Star Session?

As I reside within a high vibrational silent state, facilitating whatever comes through from your Higher Self, Galactic Guides, and Ascended Masters. You will receive what is divinely appointed for you at the time, and it may include activations, downloads, codes, gifts, channeled messages, past life clearings, soul healings, reading of your Akashic Records, and much more.

This progressive program is available in one-hour individual sessions performed remotely. I recommend multiple sessions so we may build upon the healings and activations for the expansion of your highest good.

To get the most out of your session and become aligned to your Soul’s path, it is recommended that you continue working on yourself in your awakening journey. This means you may want to continue doing meditations, spiritual retreats, courses, reading, or whatever your intuitive guidance is directing you to do. You may also wish to choose a Ray of Light energy healing session at first to address any healings, wounding, and clearings needed on a soul level, giving way to a richer and activating experience with the Light Star session.

If you are a Walk-in and you will know if you are one, this is the program for you. I will lovingly guide you to your next step with an understanding of what you may uniquely need.

Are you ready to awaken the hidden powers and abilities of your mind and spirit? The link is provided below.

Light Star

The Light Star session enables you to have one private session for one hour.

Investment: $333

To Book

Praise for Light Star

“I chose to work with Sananda Kryst because I was drawn to her authenticity and humility, her caring and generous spirit. I knew it was right for me, and I couldn’t not do it.
It was so much more than I had hoped for, and I feel blessed to have had this opportunity to meet and work with someone committed to their own path of service.
I am aware of the shift happening in my life, a sense of coming into alignment, and that this is only the beginning. It was the support that I needed at this time.
I now step forward with greater openness to what lies ahead.
It is quite difficult to express the significance of this experience for me. The healing and acceptance that I felt I had needed for so long are well on the way.
I do not know how I could have achieved this on my own.
I feel humbled and deeply grateful”


Praise for Light Star

“Sananda is exemplary in what she can offer. I have been searching for my whole life to bring meaning to my emotions, and she has transformed my self-belief and help me understand my traits and abilities like no other teacher has been able to. She is genuinely warm and accepting of anything that you ask her and goes above and beyond to help you understand yourself. Her abilities and channeling are just simply amazing, and it was an honor to have her work on my energy field; she was as interested and excited to see what unfolded as I was. I have completed my 3 sessions with her, and each one took me deeper into who I am and my soul’s mission. She is a beam and a being of the purest light, and I hope I can do her work justice by serving the light for others. Compassion, grace, and empathy are all attributes of Sananda’s, which where you are sensitive are exactly what you need. I highly recommend any type of session because you will definitely not be disappointed.”


Praise for Light Star

“I came to the program with the intention of getting to know more about my life mission. I did not only get lots of insights about it but also beautiful healings, downloads, gifts, and blessings from master guides like St. Germain, Mary Magdalene, and other aspects of my higher self through Sananda’s guidance. Do not hesitate to do it because it is a life-changing experience. I have such clarity and strength and heighten spiritual abilities thanks to these beautiful sessions. I really thank God for your service. I’m extremely satisfied and happy with the results. Every session was as if we went one step higher; now more than ever, I’m ready to follow my life mission, which would not have been as clear had I not decided to work with Sananda. Everything happens for a reason. I was divinely guided to this experience and getting to know Sananda, who’s an incredible human and soul.”


Praise for Light Star

“Whilst I understand that we are all individual and will experience this energy work in different ways, I believe that no matter where anyone is on their journey, they will benefit from having a session with Master Sananda.
I kept my eyes closed during the session and felt energy moving within and swirling all around me. Sananda did the work mostly in silence, with the occasional whisper of light language. After a short time, Sananda advised, ‘we are complete.’ I opened my eyes and felt like I had been in a very deep meditation and felt my insides filled with light. The potency of my experience felt as if we were sitting in the same room.

For the few days that followed, I felt waves of such powerful love in my heart that filled me with joy and gratitude.

Since this session, I have constantly felt peaceful and calm. I feel open and sense more strongly the beings and guides around me. My awareness is so expanded. I am so much more aware of my surroundings.

I know that this sounds dramatic, but for me, my experience has been life-changing. I have experienced a profound shift.

One night, about 3 days after my session, I woke up and could absolutely sense the truth of who I am, as in, my light body, and I felt how it was sitting within my physical body. It was an incredible realization and such a vivid experience. I absolutely was aware of my “Self” separate, but within my physical vehicle, … and I just felt so grateful for my body and the realization of the utter perfection of who we really are. I since feel so happy, relieved, in awe, and humbled by our magnificence. It has been life-changing for me to have had such a profound realization about life.

Sananda, your gifts are priceless, a true blessing, and I am so grateful to have experienced this. Much heartfelt gratitude.” 💚

Melbourne, Australia

Praise for Light Star

“I have been a spiritual seeker for as long as I can remember. When I contacted Master Sananda, I was at a point in my life where there seemed to be no direction. That all changed with our session.

With Sananda’s gentle guidance, energies were released that no longer served me. Old patterns and belief systems were dissolved. I could feel energetic changes taking place. There were tingling sensations throughout my body. I could feel energy releasing and light coming in—a new awareness of who I am beginning to emerge.

Within all of this, Master Sananda provided a “safe container’ for me to process and receive. I asked questions. She truthfully answered me. She gave me tools to move forward and deepen my growth and spirituality. I can now see new meaning and direction in my life.

Master Sananda is a beautiful, joyful spirit. She embodies and radiates light and love. She is truly a shining star in our universe!

Infinite love, joy, and blessings to you, dear Master Sananda. I am deeply grateful.
With much love”

Jean Marie

Praise for Light Star

“I had the great privilege and joy to do The Pathway to Fulfillment with Master Sananda in June/July 2021. I chose this experience after having attended many of her guided astral journeys over the past year and was amazed each time to discover more about myself and my energy. Thanks to the Pathway to Fulfillment, I gained many more insights.

I realized to a fuller extend who I am, was, will be – all at once. But the most important emotional learning from this experience was total and complete TRUST. Trust in our powerful energy, trust in my I Am Presence and unity of consciousness, and trust in Source.

Before the sessions, my trust was more located in my crown and third eye chakras, which made it sometimes difficult to deal with harsh external everyday experiences. Through the Pathway of Fulfillment, trust sank into my heart, making it palpable and easy to reach in any daily situation. What a miraculous and outstanding experience!

I warmly encourage anybody who feels guided to do so to attend Master Sananda’s Light Star program. Namaste”

Suzanne B

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