“Who am I, you ask – A divine being of the divine order as are all of you. Throughout your awakening process, you will come to know me. Be not afraid as fear is an illusion of the mind.

I ask you to step beyond, move forward, and begin the process to enlightenment and discovery to your path.”

Archangel Michael

“This program is currently full and will be replaced in the future.”

Pathway to Fulfillment

“Awaken the hidden powers and abilities of your mind and spirit, and
discover your Soul’s mission.”

The Pathway to Fulfillment is a progressive program that will activate and align you to your Soul’s mission and reestablish your connection with the Divine and your natural gifts. The continued sessions assure an enlightened spiritual journey. You will receive the same level of individual gifted guidance within the program’s time frame in each path.

What can you expect in a Pathway to Fulfillment Session?

During each session, I will go into a channeled state. I will facilitate whatever comes through from your Higher Self, Galactic Guides, and Ascended Masters.

You will receive what is divinely appointed for you at that time and may include activations, downloads, codes, gifts, channeled messages from Galactic Guides, past life clearings, soul healings, having your Akashic records read, and more.

As I am working in the higher dimensions as an ascended master myself, I will ask your Higher Self to present your Soul’s mission during one of your sessions. Many people have reported having profound experiences with this understanding and often say it is a positive enlightenment to their lives.

This progressive program is available in three sessions, the Pathway to Awareness or six sessions, the Pathway to Realization, each session is 90 minutes. I am usually in a channeled state for about an hour, and I will continue working until your Higher Self says we are complete. Each session will be recorded, and you will receive a copy of the recording after your session via e-mail.

To get the most out of this program, as you become aligned to your Soul’s mission and path, it is recommended that you continue working on yourself in your awakening journey. This means you may want to continue doing meditations, spiritual retreats, courses, reading, or whatever your intuitive guidance is directing you to do, including shadow work.

As your vibration rises, remember that you may experience “triggers” that will encourage you to look deep inside you for the root cause and will allow you to release a new layer of old belief systems. By doing this important work, you will see yourself grow and flourish on your divine path, in your own divine timing.

Are you ready to awaken the hidden powers and abilities of your mind and spirit? Select the Pathway that resonates with you to begin creating a new life. The links are provided below.

Pathway to Realization
The Pathway to Realization enables you to have one session per month for six months or a session every two to three weeks. I honor your higher self and adjust the sessions according to your higher self’s guidance and what resonates with you.

6 Zoom sessions

Investment: $2222

To Book

Pathway to Awareness
Pathway to Awareness enables you to have one session approximately every two weeks in a six to eight-week time frame. I honor your higher self and adjust the sessions according to your higher self’s guidance and what resonates with you.

3 Zoom sessions

Investment: $1111

To Book

Praise for Pathway to Fulfillment

“I love working with Sananda and her Pleiadian Portal! Sananda has a calm and soothing presence and does an amazing job at channeling our galactic guides form messages and insights that are so timely and helpful. Throughout our sessions, I have received added clarity, galactic guidance, confirmations, healings, and powerful activations and downloads. I am so very grateful for all that she does; she is an absolute treasure!”


Praise for Pathway to Fulfillment

“I chose to work with Sananda Kryst because I was drawn to her authenticity and humility, her caring and generous spirit. I knew it was right for me, and I couldn’t not do it.
It was so much more than I had hoped for, and I feel blessed to have had this opportunity to meet and work with someone committed to their own path of service.
I am aware of the shift happening in my life, a sense of coming into alignment, and that this is only the beginning. It was the support that I needed at this time.
I now step forward with greater openness to what lies ahead.
It is quite difficult to express the significance of this experience for me. The healing and acceptance that I felt I had needed for so long are well on the way.
I do not know how I could have achieved this on my own.
I feel humbled and deeply grateful”


Praise for Pathway to Fulfillment

“Sananda is exemplary in what she can offer. I have been searching for my whole life to bring meaning to my emotions, and she has transformed my self-belief and help me understand my traits and abilities like no other teacher has been able to. She is genuinely warm and accepting of anything that you ask her and goes above and beyond to help you understand yourself. Her abilities and channeling are just simply amazing, and it was an honor to have her work on my energy field; she was as interested and excited to see what unfolded as I was. I have completed my 3 sessions with her, and each one took me deeper into who I am and my soul’s mission. She is a beam and a being of the purest light, and I hope I can do her work justice by serving the light for others. Compassion, grace, and empathy are all attributes of Sananda’s, which where you are sensitive are exactly what you need. I highly recommend any type of session because you will definitely not be disappointed.”


Praise for Pathway to Fulfillment

“I gained great insight in regard to where I come from, what beings are working with me, past lives, what my future holds as well as received many activations, blessings, gifts, and healing. Definitely exceeded my expectations! I didn’t want it to end. It’s so much fun and interesting. I definitely resonated with the information brought forth. I could feel it in my heart and every cell of my body. I definitely recommend Sananda’s sessions. She has a gift like no other person I’ve ever met. You won’t regret it. I can promise you that! It is worth every penny! Sananda is so incredibly gifted and is an amazing, loving soul. You are in good hands.”


Praise for Pathway to Fulfillment

“I came to the program with the intention of getting to know more about my life mission. I did not only get lots of insights about it but also beautiful healings, downloads, gifts, and blessings from master guides like St. Germain, Mary Magdalene, and other aspects of my higher self through Sananda’s guidance. Do not hesitate to do it because it is a life-changing experience. I have such clarity and strength and heighten spiritual abilities thanks to these beautiful sessions. I really thank God for your service. I’m extremely satisfied and happy with the results. Every session was as if we went one step higher; now more than ever, I’m ready to follow my life mission, which would not have been as clear had I not decided to work with Sananda. Everything happens for a reason. I was divinely guided to this experience and getting to know Sananda, who’s an incredible human and soul.”