Conversation with Lilith


This video is a soul calling. This is a brief synopsis of what transpired energetically in the transmission. A portion of this session is spoken in light language.

What you will receive:

  • Session recording
  • Full synopsis of the recording
  • Written channeled information
  • Activations and healings

Joined by the energies of Uluru, the Aborigines, Pleiadians, Lilith, and the Galactic Council; Crystalline light frequencies, releasing of bondage, and being filled with light; a powerful light language activation from Lilith involving duality going back to Adam and Eve it includes an activation occurs within the mouth of God (9th chakra), removal of Anunnaki and reptilian interference; The Aboriginal and the elders come forward and speak of the Earth and they come into each one of your fields, connecting with the land of Uluru and placed within your heart space; Light codes received from the sun; A message about confronting your shadow, your own self that holds you back. Connection with Mary Magdalene, the Pleiadians and Creator Consciousness.

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