Healing Addictions


This video is a soul calling. One that will move you beyond limiting beliefs and defined programming and structures. It will continue to expand you beyond where you previously resided. This is a brief synopsis of what transpired energetically in the transmission.

 What you will receive:

  • Video recording
  • Synopsis of video
  • Healings and activations
  • Expansion of self

I bring in the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine energies to deal with addictions of any kind. Please listen to the advice, as this is not a cure-all for addictions. However, it will give you the nudge you need to conquer this 3D problem, especially if you have been working on this yourself. Your addictions may also be past life-related, with healing work needing to be done around those timelines. When you are ready and have made the heart decision to move from this state of being you will find this a tremendous support for you.

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