Light Language Multi-Activation


This video is a soul calling. One that will move you beyond limiting beliefs and defined programming and structures. It will continue to expand beyond where you previously resided. This is a brief synopsis of what transpired energetically in the transmission.

What you will receive:

  • Video recording
  • Synopsis of video
  • Healings and activations
  • Expansion of self

Within this multi-activating transmission, your light language is “turned on” by the energy moving through your body. You may find yourself receiving visions of what you are saying or when in conversation with another. It enters your throat chakra, continues up the jawline, affects your ear chakras, and goes through the pineal gland and up into the galactic center.

As part of your journey, you will step into the field of speaking light language. It embraces aspects of yourself, dimensional beings, and consciousnesses. It is a connection to a world that is innate to our being. Light language comes from the heart – your soul and is understood through your heart by bypassing the ego. You will find yourself having conversations, creating art, and writing in a universal way. Re-listen each time from a different vibration!

It is more than a light language activation; it is coming home to your original divine blueprint and divine right to speak your language of choice.

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