Receiving and Holding, A Nervous System Adjustment


This video is a soul calling. This is a brief synopsis of what transpired energetically in the transmission. A portion of this session is spoken in light language.

What you will receive:

  • Session recording
  • Full synopsis of the recording
  • Written channeled information
  • Activations and healings

I am coming to you from the Andaman and Flores Sea energies of Thailand and Indonesia. You will experience an activation around receiving and holding any form of abundance. Our nervous system can affect how we receive, and our body can go into shock when we are unable to receive, expand, and hold it. I will be working on your field individually to assist you with the expansion and balancing of this activation. Within this activation, you will receive a timeline adjustment. You will see and connect with your golden star of light and the presence of Mary Magdalene, where you will receive an anointing. We are also sent on a mission to work with the Earth Codes you will receive and your connection to your Hindu past and dragon aspects.

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