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Ray of Light

Activation and Healing Session

Awaken to the path and reality you have been feeling and sensing, the I AM presence you seek to reach within yourself, the hidden powers of your mind and spirit. Step onto the road and go for the ride of your life. Unlocking past, present, future, and ancestral trauma and knowledge. Converting your DNA into the 12-strand and higher reality you possess unlocks your divinity and unlimited potential of self. This is just the beginning as I work with your higher self for unlimited potential delivering miracles.

“Remember who you are by awakening the hidden powers and abilities of your mind and spirit.”

All of us are rapidly changing in the new Age of Aquarius energies. Unique gifts and opportunities for expansion are birthing, and the expanded Ray of Light program has chosen to come forward at this time to help all of us take the next step in our ascension.

The Ray of Light session will activate and align you to your soul’s mission and reestablish your connection with the Divine and your natural gifts. You will be gently immersed within the energies of Ascended Master Sananda, entering an etheric passageway bathed with high-frequency crystalline energies and going beyond zero point for your enlightenment. Due to the increased energies on the planet and Sananda’s expansion, you may experience activations and healings at a much faster pace than ever before. This session embodies the magic of the session formerly known as Light Star.

“This is not for the human mind to comprehend but to be within the energies of metamorphosis.”

Sananda embraces all starseeds from all over the universe. She can connect with any galactic family within any star system. If the information in the mainstream media does not resonate with you, she understands why and can help you.

If you are a Walk-in and know that you are one, this program is for you. Sananda will lovingly guide you to your next step with an understanding of what you may uniquely need.

What is within the sacred space of the Ray of Light?

Sananda resides within a high vibrational silent state, facilitating whatever comes through from your Higher Self, Ascended Masters, Galactic guides, or Star Family. You will receive what is divinely appointed for you at the time. If called upon, she will use her skills as an energy surgeon to facilitate any specific energy work within your etheric field.

This session may include but is not limited to:



Light Codes

Channeled Messages

Past Life and Ancestral Clearings

Soul Healings

Akashic Records Read

Addictions Addressed

DNA Restructured

And So Much More

All brought forth with love and grace for your highest self-expression.

Are you ready to take a step forward in your transformation and self-realization? The link is provided below.

Praise for Ray of Light

“I reached out to Lady Krystianna during a time when I was at a wall with how much I was able to help myself. When we connected, I fully surrendered into her guidance and stepped aside so that she could do what she intuitively felt guided to do for me. She successfully cleared a lot of the dark energy that was almost latched onto me and gently cleansed and refilled those spaces with divine golden light. She also channeled my higher self and guides, my galactic essence, and so much more that would take up paragraphs to share here.

My integration was smooth; I took the time to apply what she offered me afterward and am now feeling amazing, clear, and back in my highest service two weeks later. It was really beautiful to reconnect with her in this lifetime, her energy is gentle, motherly, and she is very confident in what is being shared and done in real-time. Her style of channeling is more on the quiet side because she spends time writing notes during the session to capture what is coming through. We didn’t speak much until after the work was completed – however, everything that she shared afterward was extremely thorough and in alignment with what I was feeling before, during, and after.

I would highly recommend a session with her, especially if you feel strongly connected with your galactic heritage or if you also do healing or energy work. The energy exchange is beyond worth what she brings, shares, and does for you and your fields of energy. I support and trust Lady Krystianna’s in energy work, clearings, activations, and as a channel. If you are feeling into booking a session with her and have read my words this far, just go for it. You deserve it. Blessings. “

California, USA

Praise for Ray of Light

“I have been a spiritual seeker for as long as I can remember. When I contacted Master Sananda, I was at a point in my life where there seemed to be no direction. That all changed with our session.

With Sananda’s gentle guidance, energies were released that no longer served me. Old patterns and belief systems were dissolved. I could feel energetic changes taking place. There were tingling sensations throughout my body. I could feel energy releasing and light coming in—a new awareness of who I am beginning to emerge.

Within all of this, Master Sananda provided a “safe container’ for me to process and receive. I asked questions. She truthfully answered me. She gave me tools to move forward and deepen my growth and spirituality. I can now see new meaning and direction in my life.

Master Sananda is a beautiful, joyful spirit. She embodies and radiates light and love. She is truly a shining star in our universe!

Infinite love, joy, and blessings to you, dear Master Sananda. I am deeply grateful.
With much love,”

Jean Marie

Praise for Ray of Light

“Whilst I understand that we are all individual and will experience this energy work in different ways, I believe that no matter where anyone is on their journey, they will benefit from having a session with Master Sananda.
I kept my eyes closed during the session and felt energy moving within and swirling all around me. Sananda did the work mostly in silence, with the occasional whisper of light language. After a short time, Sananda advised, ‘we are complete.’ I opened my eyes and felt like I had been in a very deep meditation and felt my insides filled with light. The potency of my experience felt as if we were sitting in the same room.

For the few days that followed, I felt waves of such powerful love in my heart that filled me with joy and gratitude.

Since this session, I have constantly felt peaceful and calm. I feel open and sense more strongly the beings and guides around me. My awareness is so expanded. I am so much more aware of my surroundings.

I know that this sounds dramatic, but for me, my experience has been life-changing. I have experienced a profound shift.

One night, about 3 days after my session, I woke up and could absolutely sense the truth of who I am, as in, my light body, and I felt how it was sitting within my physical body. It was an incredible realization and such a vivid experience. I absolutely was aware of my “Self” separate, but within my physical vehicle, … and I just felt so grateful for my body and the realization of the utter perfection of who we really are. I since feel so happy, relieved, in awe, and humbled by our magnificence. It has been life-changing for me to have had such a profound realization about life.

Sananda, your gifts are priceless, a true blessing, and I am so grateful to have experienced this. Much heartfelt gratitude.”

Melbourne, Australia

Praise for Ray of Light

“Krystianna is the real deal. I first met her at a retreat several summers ago, and on a personal level, she is kind, caring, gentle, and unpretentious. She really walks her talk, for she works very hard to keep clearing old patterns and upgrading her capacities on all levels. As someone who has also been a client of hers, I can attest to the high levels she is able to work to help you heal and align with your path.”

Beth H.

Praise for Ray of Light

“Every time I work with Lady Krystianna, I open my heart more and feel more freedom and possibility. I have been working with Krystianna this year, and I had my first Light Star session, which blew me away. Her work is profound and far-reaching. I didn’t know what to expect, but I knew I needed to trust. The session was expansive and electric in giant leaps of opening the heart space. I felt cleared and balanced in ways I haven’t felt in forever. I gained much energy and focus and have found as I settle into this new me…a new sense of freedom, joy, inspiration, and energy. It far exceeded my expectations. These challenging times are filled with much muddied waters, and Lady Krystianna powerfully clears away the mud to create a clear sparking vessel to move joyfully forward, see opportunities, and feel positive. I highly recommend the Light Star session.”

Mary C.

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