Ray of Light

Energy Healing

The Ray of Light Energy Healing is a great way to quickly boost your spiritual transformation by receiving activations and having blocks cleared, chakras balanced, and timelines cleared.
Each Ray of Light session focuses on you, as an individual, so each session is different and based on what you and your higher self are needing at that time. As an ascended master, I will bring forward beautiful, gentle, plasma, and crystalline energies to work with your greatest self in the higher dimensions.

What can you expect in your Ray of Light Energy Healing session?

Each session typically starts with a clearing or healing of your energy field, which includes expanding out into seven layers of your auric field and all your main chakras. Any area that presents itself for healing will be cleared, including past lives and timelines. Anything that no longer serves you will be removed.

At times, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) bot or other negative entity may be found, and they will be removed. Sometimes this requires my skills as an Energy Surgeon, allowing for precise removal of attachments. These entities may also be associated with addictions, and I will review your energy field to see where the addiction started so that any inner child areas that need attention can be healed.
All of this is done with love and grace. Many people report feeling such great relief after the removals are complete and the healing has been done. It is as if a dark cloud has been lifted from your aura.

The Energy Healing is not considered complete until I see your divine light shine through. At that time, your higher self may guide me to give you an activation, integrate a higher aspect of yourself, or even bring you out of a cocoon stage for your next unfoldment.

Many people report experiencing greater clarity and renewed life experience, as many transformations will take place during your session. You will not leave your session as the same person who began the session.

Are you ready to take a step forward in your own transformation and self-realization? If so, schedule your own individual, personalized Ray of Light Energy Healing Session by clicking on the link provided below.

Praise for Ray of Light

“I want to thank Sananda for her beautiful work here on Gaia, and for representing such a pure, warm healing energy that is so needed here and now. I felt zero traces of ego and the most innocent and yet powerful love coming through as I experienced the Light Language healing. Everything was covered and washed through with sparkling bliss. It is a visceral experience to share space and love with Sananda- it is a very safe and comforting Mother Mary energy where one can let go. I experienced a transformation in which blue butterfly wings emerged from my back, debris I was unable to detect was released, and overall my Inner Child was held and healed on a level that I could only have dreamt of. I highly recommend booking an appt. The experience is short and sweet- packed full of everything you will need. My life has taken a leap upward and forward out of stagnancy. It’s ok and time for us to reach out for help when we feel drained. Replenishment through the fam! All my love, and thanks again!!”


Praise for Ray of Light

“I found Sananda to be professional, respectful, caring, and easy to work. When such deep work is taking place, I find that professionalism and structure are important. I’ve experienced various healing sessions before and found Sananda’s method to be both delicate and profound. If felt effective, if not more so, than some Reiki sessions I’d had. It was also very quick in comparison to some healing sessions I’d had. My mood lifted almost immediately within the session. I also appreciated the feedback from Sananda on the visions she had received during the session. I found this comforting. I could see how a single session could function as a good pick-me-up, but how a series of sessions might be needed for deeper and more lasting work.”

United Kingdom

Praise for Ray of Light

“THANK YOU. Since our session, a negative energy has left my body, and I haven´t felt so joyful and confident and happy in literally years.
There´s so much curiosity bubbling up inside of me, like a child who was gifted the greatest treasure box that now wants to be unpacked. My world is now full of possibilities, and there´s a deep trust inside of me that the universe has my back and that I am guided on my path.
Whenever I feel that I seem to get into a lower vibration, it´s now easy for me to call in all my resources and tap back into the vortex and high vibration.
I will be eternally grateful for what you have helped me to overcome.
THANK YOU and all my love.”