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Light Language Activations & Healings

Light Codes

Activation and Healings introduction

Light Language Activations and Healings introduction

Light codes introduction

Earth Star Project Program Recordings

Each thumbnail below lists some of the highlights from each session.

The energy and vibration of these transmissions are embodied in the video recording. Even though you were not participating live, by watching/listening to the recordings, your human will still receive the powerful frequencies, activations, and healings from the transmission. A synopsis of the session is also included with each video purchased.

Light Language Activations & Healings

Each thumbnail below lists some of the highlights from each video.
Light Language moves beyond the human mind and ego consciousness. Your higher self, heart space, and soul being will interpret it. These activations and healings are meant to shift your reality and embodiment of self. Light Language can be delivered through vocal sounds, hand gestures, or written form. The language channeled is based on the aspect or being coming forward and the frequency of their dimensional state. Each time you listen to or watch the video, you will be in a new vibrational state of receiving. A synopsis of the activation and or healing will be included with each video purchased.

Light Codes

Each thumbnail below lists some of the highlights from each code.

Light codes are a specific geometric of energy and light embodied within a symbolic form or shape. They can address particular concerns or cover a broad base of intent. They never lose their energetic format, therefore, providing constant support. They, too, will speak to your soul, and as you shift in vibration, you will receive energetic support at your new vibration level. A synopsis of each light code will be included with each light code purchase.

Individual/Personal and Business light codes are available. Sananda will connect with your higher self or the soul of your business to bring forth your high vibrational light code.

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