“Sananda is an authentic and compassionate portal to the higher realms. Our session together was powerfully illuminating and affirming, and the after-effects of the transmission received continue to reverberate into action of my life, and I was able to ask specific questions I was seeking guidance with. She has a gentle yet affirming quality that really reaches people where they need to be reached. I highly recommend her and would definitely seek her services again.”
Elizabeth, USA
“My reading with Krystal Star Sananda was so lovely! She very beautifully, gently and easily tapped into guidance from those higher beings that made themselves known to her. Her visions were verified by actual photos I showed her later, and she tapped into known and unknown influences on my spiritual path journey in this life. I highly recommend you find out your own whisperings of support through the direct link that Krystal Star provides! My prayer is that the beautiful visions she saw actually happen in my life and that you may also see that beautiful version for your own life.”
B. Rose, USA
“Wow, Sananda, where shall I start. First, of all, with all that I am, I absolutely Love and Appreciate you, I thank you immensely for being here and being a part of my journey. The session, the conversation was spot on. It was so gentle, so easy, so soft, so simple, so clear, and absolutely resonates. In so many ways, confirmation of the whispers that I had heard from my higher self but doubted, reminders of some things I had known in the past but for some reason forgot, and clarity in some things that I had confused myself when I got caught in the ego/mind traps. You are truly gifted, SiStar. Your gift is changing the world. Thank you. Thank you. Thank You. Namaste SiStar.”
Yehoshu’a, Caribbean Island
“Krystal Star, I am so very grateful to you for bringing about this shift in vibration that I so desperately needed. I felt stuck, and off my center, an unexplainable sadness permeated my being. The session with you brought about quite dramatic shift, it felt like all the strands of fragmented light within me come together and wove themselves into this beautiful tapestry, and once fully integrated began to spread throughout my entire being leaving behind a quiet, but of so powerful stillness, a knowingness, a lightness of being, of bliss, but at the same time feeling gully grounded. Once again, thank you for being such a wonderful alchemist, thank you for your service, your beautiful energy. I appreciate all that you do.”
Sybil, USA
“I met Krystal Star on a trip to Egypt in 2017. She is a beautiful and loving being who works with the highest integrity and honesty. My session was amazing! I was able to directly ask and receive profound information for my path going forward. I have begun my own business in service to awakening Star Seeds, and with the new Earth frequencies coming in, I had a lot of questions as to how to move forward and remain in integrity with the fast pace of change. I was given extremely detailed advice and was also given time to absorb that information and be able to ask for deeper information. Krystal Star has a clear connection to the Pleiadian Star Beings, who are working with her. The guidance was full of love and support for me and for all of us. I would highly recommend a session.”
Jane, United Kingdom
“I was referred to Krystal Star for my first reading by a trusted family member. Never having had a session before, I was unsure what to expect and how to prepare for the experience. Krystal exuded a calm and encouraging dialogue, and I was immediately at ease when we began the session. I was left with no doubt about her gifts and abilities as we went through the process, and the information shared with me was invaluable. I experienced a range of emotions and responses during the process, including tears, goose bumps, joy, comfort, and hope. For me personally, I came to know the name of my trusted guide, and his message to me was so accurate I knew Krystal’s abilities were the real thing. I trusted in the experience and process and enjoyed it so much that I plan to engage in future sessions.”
Suzette, USA
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