The Residence Program

The Residence Program is a deeply immersive and reality-changing experience, created in the gold frequency, held in a beautiful and stress-free environment. You will fast track your ascension and awareness, healing from the inside out. You will understand the dance between shifting and transforming – mentally, spiritually, energetically and physically. An evolutionary path to fulfillment. This will affect both you and your work or business. You will be held and supported through all experiences and processes.

Residence Program Insight


Participating in the Residence Program will be ascension through play – self-exploration and healing while in everyday living. You will be in the presence of Sananda (in her 8D and higher vibration) and her divine partner, Tony, for the duration of the program.

This “Red Velvet” experience and sharing of knowledge was only previously accessible to priests and royalty – you are being afforded an opportunity to experience this frequency of BEing and living, now.

You will be doing multi-dimensional work and be immersed into a deep level of open-hearted connection, living an authentic, conscious life – each day. You will be working from the frequency of infinite possibility, surrounding yourself with the beauty and desires that match your vibration, where miracles become part of everyday living.


The Residence Program is 5-days in duration.

We recommend you plan to arrive a day or two before the Residence Program begins so you can be fresh and relaxed for the start of the residency, and plan to stay at least one day after the program finishes to begin integrating your experience before traveling home.

Location and Environment

Sananda‘s chosen locations are guided by the energies of the area, the potential for portals or energy vortexes, the abundance of nature, and the overall energetic signature/vibration of the area.

The location for March and April is Sedona, Arizona; the locations for the rest of 2024 are still to be confirmed.

Each accommodation will be extremely comfortable and energetically selected to support your program on every level.

Participants will have their own bedroom with private bathroom

High vibrational vegetarian meals will be organic as far as possible

Day excursions will be based on location – these will be to sacred sites in the area and high energy portals/vortexes that Sananda is guided to

What will transpire?

Nuanced, wisdom-based conversation

Deep healings and activations

Living in the unknown as a new state of being

Transformation of conditioning/programming and beliefs

Life force will be activated throughout you

Engaging with your future self

Seeing, knowing and understanding how your shifts/transformation affect your future living, and relationships with others

“Moving throughout the day in a present state of being” (our higher selves will connect …..)

Connect and engage with the soul of your business (if this is a focus or priority)

Intuitive guidance for new opportunities that are waiting to be birthed

Galactic and star family guidance

Becoming consciously aware of your environment and availability of energy codes (e.g. wealth)

Collapsing of timelines and quantum leaps in alignment with your Divine blueprint

Increase in your manifestation field

Shifting paradigms that impact your personality

Journalling and integration time

There will be weekly follow up/check in calls to continue your integration. These 30-min calls will be with Sananda and Tony for the 4-weeks following the Residence Program.

Longer-term shifts after the residency

Further clearing and clarity

Embracing the freedom of fully living an authentic life

Restoring of talents, abilities and powers from past incarnations

Raising of your vibration/frequency

Allowing yourself to own what is yours

Understanding and being accountable for the words, thoughts and manifestations you bring forward

Evolving and connecting with your ideal clients

Birthing of new opportunities and ideas

Energy Exchange

The program fee is fully inclusive of accommodation, all meals, day excursions, transportation/transfers to and from the airport/port

The 5-day program is a significant investment for your expansion and does run in the thousands of dollars. Payment plans are available

 For further details please contact us here

Multi-person Offering

We are very excited to offer the Residence Program for small groups, whether that be for 2 people, a family or small team. The maximum number in a group would be 5 people

The multi-person Residence Program provides a unique dynamic within your group that would not be available with the individual Residence Program

For further details please contact us here


For those that the Residence Program resonates with and who are ready to change their reality and life experience now, please click on the Application button below and complete the form. Once received we will set up a call time to answer any further questions for you.


This deeply immersive and reality-changing experience for a group would be very similar to that of an individual going through the Residence Program. The multi-person Residence Program would provide a unique dynamic within your group that would not be available with the individual Residence Program.

Pricing for the multi-person Residence Program

2 people

$11,000 per person

3 people

$10,000 per person

4 people

$9,000 per person

5 people

$8,000 per person

Please contact us at for further details and any questions you might have.

Praise for the Residence Program

Dearest Sananda and Tony💞

I would like to express my profound gratitude to you both for the creation of the Residence Program! All of the amazing healings that took place were life changing for me❤️ – I arrived at one frequency/dimension, and left in an elevated state of consciousness. All while being held in a sacred magical container. I felt loved🥰, seen and appreciated, which allowed me to open up and receive all the abundance of your valuable teachings you both offered so freely. The entire experience was so heart centered💗, and being immersed in both of your high frequencies was just what I needed to receive timeline shifts.

It was also fun and exciting🎉 to experience a few excursions around the high vibe island, and swimming in our pool by the sea in the fabulous villa you selected energetically. I am truly grateful for the light language activation and have been practicing often since I’ve been back and feel blessed for the remembrance.  Tony assisted me considerably with the launch of my business which was invaluable!

This was a magical🦄 journey to enlightenment for me and I am extremely grateful to you both.

If your soul is calling you to this FABULOUS Residence Program, I HIGHLY recommend it. This truly was the best spiritual experience of my life😁💕




California, USA

Praise for the Residence Program

This is an opportunity that I will never forget, because I know for a fact, my life will never ever be the same. My heart is so full of gratitude on every level. 💓

From beginning to end I have been overjoyed by being able to take part in this Divine arrangement – I loved and appreciated every aspect of the program. The fact that my higher self, Ancestors, and all my guides were right there assisting us in the direction we needed to go for my highest good moving forward. It was truly amazing.

I will be forever grateful for the changes that the Residence Program has given to me – the Spiritual, Emotional, and Physical changes that took place during the days I was there. These energetic upgrades have continued since I returned back to my home, and each day I am grateful that I had the honor of being able to take part in this program – it was more than my heart could have ever dreamed of.
I have really appreciated the weekly follow up Zoom call to give you another level of support and have truly looked forward to these calls. 👍

Anyone, who is wanting to participate in this Residence Program, I say do what you need to do to take part in this expansion work. You will never ever regret taking part in this program.

Heddalynn 🪷🤍🪷✌️💓
Las Vegas, USA

Praise for the Residence Program

Dearest Sananda and Tony,

What transpired and what I experienced during our week together was profound to say the least. The release of past and ancestral trauma was overwhelming, raw, intense, and at times painful. Although through it all, I felt safe as you both held and supported me in a space of love and grace which allowed me to surrender and let go of all that was ready to be released. The moment of my Souls’ returning will stay with me for eternity.

I am not the same person anymore and after returning home, my transformation and evolution continues momentum by moment.

I am grateful for who I was.

I’m so grateful for all I’m yet to be.

I am eternally grateful for who I will become.

I thank you both with all my being for this experience. 🥰

To anyone that is considering taking part in the Residence Program, I invite you to listen to your knowing and heart and have NO DOUBT that you ARE ready and it is YOUR TIME.

a la prosoma

Sam 💜💜
Perth, Australia

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