About Sananda

Sananda was engaged with an advanced healing meditation group for six years when she heard that she was going to be put on the fast track in 2016 for her spiritual awakening. In 2017, she was called to Egypt for the Particle Convergence, and again in December for the Particle Emergence, to usher in the great shift for Earth and humanity.

During this time, there was also a great change in her personal life. A career of over 20 years as a Flight Attendant was cut short, and that set her on a path of deconstruction of self to align with her divine soul mission. As she became more aware of the multidimensional aspects of herself, including being a member of the Earth’s Council of Light, a Galactic Ambassador for the Pleiadians, Telos Ambassador, and a Galactic Nation Ambassador as a Communications Officer. She is focused on service to others and unity consciousness.

Her metaphysical abilities include the art of soul readings, activations, Earth’s infrastructure repair, star seed template work, and light language. Gifted with a Pleiadian portal, she can connect to the Akashic records and Pleiadian wisdom for healing and transformation as guided.

Her awakening and surrender to her divine mission will continue as she is a pioneer in her new field within the metaphysical community. She is actively setting up a new paradigm while working with divine feminine codes, advanced technology of crystalline codes, templates, and plasma energy.

Sananda is genuine, caring, and compassionate. She is willing to support and inspire you in your journey of remembrance. You will be placed on a path of understanding so you can make decisions and stand in your divine essence.

Sananda continues to expand her knowledge and skills by investing in herself through trainings, courses, and spiritual retreats. She is a Certified Holy Fire Karuna Reiki Master.