“As an Ascended Master, I am here to facilitate and move individuals beyond what is currently capable within their realm of reality. I am here to shift and move you into the paradigm of living on the new Earth. You will receive an upleveling of your frequency to that of remembrance, gliding past old patterns and stories to embrace your desired reality and receive miracles of joy.

You chose to be here at this time, and you are from the future. I will reconnect you with all that is yours, introduce you to your future self, and establish the connection to your star family to propel you and your mission that you agreed to before you arrived.”

Sananda Kryst

About Sananda

Sananda Kryst is a multidimensional channel/healer, starseed activator, High Priestess, energy surgeon, and more. Her metaphysical abilities include the art of soul readings, activations, Earth’s infrastructure repair, starseed template work and light language (speaking, interpreting, writing, and signing). She is a gifted multi-channel and works as an advanced energy healer/activator, along with any work asked of her for Earth and humanity. Gifted with a Pleiadian portal, she can connect to the Akashic records and Galactic wisdom for healing and transformation as guided.

Her titles include Galactic Ambassador for the Pleiadians and Telos, Galactic Nation’s Ambassador and an Ambassador of Light.

Sananda currently resides at 1000 on the Scale of Consciousness (David Hawkins) and now holds the frequency and abilities of the 8th-9th dimension as a human, which includes having the vibration of an ascended master here in the physical.

She is a pioneer in her field within the metaphysical community. Sananda is actively setting up a new paradigm while working with sacred divine feminine codes, advanced technology of crystalline light, and templates.

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