Like the other light (star) codes, this code is a specific signalization of an energy form.

This light code is a soul calling that will resonate within your being and inner knowing. The advanced light codes I bring forth are of innate knowledge, channeled guidance, and very activating.

What you will receive:

  • Light Code
  • Tree of Light
  • Synopsis and how to use the code
  • Activations and healings

Within the magic of Sedona, AZ, lies a canopy of Sycamore trees buzzing with life and awaiting your arrival. They will transmit a frequency of love and light, clearing anything you bestow upon them. As I become one with a specific tree that calls to me, I see myself standing inside, being held and supported by its trunk. I see the light of its essence, which feels like an energetic sphere of light gently surrounding me. It is one of expanding the mind and the heart. It brings peace and a sense of all-knowing.

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