Unification of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine


This light code is a soul calling that will resonate within your being and inner knowing. The advanced light codes I bring forth are of innate knowledge, channeled guidance, and very activating.

What you will receive:

  • Light Code
  • Synopsis of light code
  • Activations and healing

The name of this light code is not to be taken literally as in the way of you finding or attracting your soul mate or twin flame. It is much greater than that. It is a 2-dimensional structure magnified by the inscribed light language writings, making it multidimensional and shifting while you look at it. The light language writings come from multiple beings and are read in different directions based on the light being, including your higher self’s participation. This code sets you up for a reality of Being and will unify the divine feminine and divine masculine within you.

This light code transmission is also available in the Earth Star Project Program recording, with Sananda Kryst guiding you through the complete activation while enhancing the field of expansion.

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