Unification of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine


This video is a soul calling. This is a brief synopsis of what transpired energetically in the transmission. A portion of this session is spoken in light language.

What you will receive:

  • Session recording
  • Full synopsis of the recording
  • Written channeled information
  • Activations and healings

A transmission of receiving the Unification of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine light code is not to be taken literally, as it is here to assist in bringing the polarity together, unifying the feminine and masculine within you. Within this code, you will receive a heart and consciousness expansion, crystalline codes to awaken your body, building out of the eternal crystalline structure, creation and evolution take place within the center of your head, Galactic center, the mouth of God, third eye, and Pineal undergo transformation along with a quantum expansion. Our multidimensional travels include entering a galactic cave/portal to travel to Sirus via the Lion’s Gate portal, then to the Pleiadian Healing Center. You will interact with a channeled galactic guide, receive codes, raise your vibration, and receive wisdom and guidance.

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