Earth Star Project Program

Group Activation and Healing Event

As a collective, we are coming together and finding our soul family. Then within this unified field of energy, we create a cohesive web of golden frequency between us. This creates sound waves of energy and vortexes to free each individual’s mind and soul. It is the 144 who started this, and the human collective will finish it. It will take place by bringing galactic races together from across multiple universes to be explicitly activated by a guided meditation to accelerate your ascension. Each session is specifically intended to create multiple ripples throughout the universe that will impact this planet’s place within the multi-sphere and invoke the multidimensional layers and remembrance of your soul.

The Earth Star Project Program is complete. Recording of all sessions are available in the Store.

Welcome to the Earth Star Project Program!

Earth Star Project Program is an advanced group session where most of the content is delivered in light language with limited English conversion. Light language bypasses the ego mind, comes from the heart, and goes straight into the receiving heart; the higher self understands it and deeply resonates within you. This session is open to everyone, and each session builds upon one another.

In this one-hour group Zoom session, you will move through multidimensional layers of self as you activate the mind and heart of remembrance. Sananda brings forth multiple activations, downloads, and healings associated with each session’s channeled and innerstanding knowledge.

You will be transported through time and space to the origins of your reality, connecting, embracing, and becoming one with the unified field. You will create a cohesive connection with those present and part of the session’s container, creating a community of starseeds worldwide.

The work being done in these sessions is beyond 5D – it sets you up for a human-reality connection to the 7D or beyond. As a participant, you will also experience and partake in soul mission work for Earth and humanity along with anything else that needs to be brought forward within the sacred container.

The background information and energetic of the session is delivered to you through her email list before the session. Sananda will be guided as to when the next session and time will be for the optimal energy transmission.

The best way to stay informed of the transformational topic, information, day, and time is to be part of Sananda’s email list. These pre-session Earth Star Project Program emails will provide a greater understanding of what will take place in the upcoming session.

Even if you cannot make the session time, you can still sign up and receive the energies and activations as if you were there participating in the live event. A video replay will be sent out within 24 hours to everyone who participates.

After the event, the sessions will also be available for purchase through Sananda’s online store.

Praise for Earth Star Project Program

“Firstly, what a joy it was, connecting with you in this way, Sananda. Thank you for bringing this experience into being. It’s an honor to have been a part of this group of such loving and caring beings. Coming together for the upliftment of individuals, the entire planet, and beyond. For anyone even mildly curious about energy work, I would say, “just give it a try” it’s not difficult for anyone new to this as Sananda lovingly guides us throughout the journey. I look forward to more. Experiencing such high and loving energies makes ‘more probable’ that which I imagined was only possible. There is so much beauty to explore in this life.”

Melbourne, Australia

Praise for Earth Star Project Program

“Hello everyone, it was an honor to be part of the first group of StarSeed family to encourage one another in Spiritual Growth and to raise our vibrations. Because many times we are all in different parts of the world, we don’t get to connect with one another.

But I can tell you from personal experience to have just one person you can talk to or practice your spiritual gifts with makes a big difference. So when I received information that we were going to be coming together as a group, I was overjoyed.

I was also happy to hear others speak about them overcoming their nervousness to speak their light language. That was very encouraging for me. So far, my light language has shown up in signing, writing, and dancing. No volume yet.

There was so much emotional gratitude flowing through me the whole time and days later.
Already growth is taking place, until next time. Much love to all, Namaste.”


Praise for Earth Star Project Program

“Coming together with many like-minded souls was a treat for the heart. It can be challenging at times when you are awakening to your mission, but Sananda makes everything seem so easy and leaves you wanting to know & experience more. She channels light beings from many star races, and each one brings through so much love & expansion for us all. Can’t wait for next month.”

Scottish Highlands

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